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Rihanna’s Fenty Line Officially Drops

Rihanna’s Fenty Line Officially Drops

Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel; these are all high-fashion brand names that we recognize immediately. Soon enough, the name Fenty will stand for much more than the cosmetics line we know it for today. Since the announcement her partnership with fashion aggregate LVMH, (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessey) CEO and Fenty namesake, Rihanna has become the first black woman, as well as the youngest person, to ever launch a Maison with the brand. The last house to join before Fenty was Christian Lacroix in 1987.

The 63-piece collection is aptly named “Release 5-19” named for the date in which the previews for the line originally dropped. The collection was influenced by photographer Kwame Brathwaite, best known for his photos documenting life in Harlem during the 1960s. Overall, the aura that Release 5-19 gives off is that of a chic businesswoman. The line carries many masculine influences while adding a touch of Rihanna style that makes the premier release an instant classic.

Suit Jacket with Fanny Pack ($1,100)

The double-breasted tailored jacket comes in three colors, (Camel, Coco White, and Marjan Rose) and is oversized, but easily belted at the waist with the matching fanny pack. Sizes S-L.

Pleated Pants ($485)

If you choose to wear the suit jacket with pants rather than as a dress, the pants are a perfect match. The pants are oversized and are mid-rise with folded front pleats. Sizes 34-42.

Corset Skirt ($360)

The canvas mini skirt only comes in Camel but would match perfectly with a camel suit jacket and fanny pack. The skirt has a fitted silhouette and has simple topstitching. Sizes 34-46.

Reversible Parka ($1,360)

As the only reversible item from Fenty thus far, the Reversible Parka seems to be the most practical clothing piece. In the color Camel and Super Black, this parka is oversized and waterproof. Sizes XS-L.

Oversized Denim Jacket ($1,100)

This raw Japanese denim jacket comes in both Indigo and Coco White. The model wears the jacket in a shirt-dress style, which I think would work best for this piece. Sizes S-L.

No Cap ($180)

Basically, the water-repellent cap was made to match the Suit Jacket and fanny pack mentioned earlier, as the colors also come in Came, Coco White, and Marjan Rose. The best part of this cap is the golden metal “F” on the back, which is sure to turn heads. Others, not yours.

Denim Corset Dress ($810)

Like the oversized denim jacket, the corset dress is Japanese denim that gives a relaxed silhouette. Unlike the denim jacket, though, this dress has a built-in corset that gives a better shape but still maintains a looser fit. Comes in Indigo and Coco White. Sizes 34-46.

Oversized Denim Shirt ($560)

This denim shirt quite like the denim jacket, but thinner and adorned with pearl rivets rather than brass. It also has a much less structured feel than the jacket. Comes in Coco White. Sizes 34-46.

Pointy Shirt ($570)

The shirt comes in a soft Crane Pink and is a corseted fit with slouchy shoulders. The bottom two buttons are non-functional but are engraved with the Fenty logo, so they’re still a nice touch. Sizes 34-46.

Croissant-Sleeved Shirt ($600)

Out of the few Fenty shirts released, the croissant-sleeved shirt has the most out-of-the-box style. Coming in Gobi Stripes and Coco White, the oversized poplin cotton shirt can also be worn in a dress style. Sizes 34-42.

Corset Dress ($990)

When first viewing the previews for this release, fans were instantly intrigued by this dress. Though the idea is simple: a strapless corset mini-dress, the execution is unlike any other styles that are similar. The dress comes in both Gobi Stripes and Coco White and has a fitted silhouette which is enhanced by vertical seams. Sizes 34-42.

Corset Blazer Dress ($1,100)

A much more fitted version of the suit jacket, the corset blazer dress is enhanced by underwire and can be worn as either a dress or suit jacket. Comes in both Marjan Rose and Coco White, and matches perfectly with the No Cap. Sizes 34-44.

Hoodie Button Down Shirt ($520)

The hoodie button-down shirt is one of the very few casual pieces from this release. The oversized poplin shirt comes in Wasabi Stripes and Coco White and has an uber-relaxed fit. The hood is drawstring and the sleeves button. Sizes 34-42.

Body Blouse ($770)

Coming in only Coco White, this poplin body blouse has a sweetheart neckline and corseted underwire making the silhouette sleek. The sleeves on this body blouse are puffy and monogrammed with the Fenty logo. Sizes 34-42.

Corset T-Shirt ($250)

If you are looking to score a Fenty piece without emptying out your wallet, the corset t-shirt might be your best bet. The short-sleeved shirt has a fitted silhouette and waist darts but does not have any corset-like underwire like other items. Sizes XS-XL.

Corset T-Shirt Dress ($300)

Identical to the corset t-shirt in every way, but now you get to wear it in dress form! Sizes XS-XL.

Denim Straight-Fit Pants ($400)

In the colors Coco White and Indigo, the denim straight-fit pants have five pockets and are in a mid-rise cut. Sizes 34-46.

Denim Corset Skirt ($360)

In Coco White and Indigo, this raw Japanese denim skirt has curved side cutouts as well as a Fenty-engraved button closure. Sizes 34-46.

Flowy Pleated Pants ($520)

Flowy mid-rise suit pants in Crane Pink. Folded front pleat. Sizes 34-42.

Blockt Mask ($480)

Mask sunglasses. Nylon lenses in Chardonnay, Terra Cotta, and Black Smoke.

Antisocial Sunglasses ($460)

Oversized sunglasses. Nylon lenses in Chardonnay, Bossy Brown, and Grape.

Guarded Mask ($420)

Frameless mask sunglasses with denim inserts. Nylon lenses in Indigo and Baby Blue.

Spiraling Sandals 115 ($670)

Pointed-toe sandals in Denim Blue, Coco White, and Chlorophyll. Python-effect embossed leather. Wrap around straps. 115 mm stiletto heel. Italian sizing.

Dolly Sandals 50 ($670)

Pointed-toe sandals in Denim Blue and Coco White. Python-effect embossed leather. Wrap around straps. 50 mm kitten heel. Italian sizing.

The Affair Pumps 115 ($625)

Pointed-toe strappy pumps in Minty Fresh, Super Black, or Camel patent leather. 115 mm stiletto heel. Italian sizing.

Roped In Ear Cuffs ($420-560)

Semi-paved ear cuffs with pendants and teardrop crystals. Comes in both long and short versions in both Crystal and Peach.

Roped In Bracelet ($420)

Hinged bracelet with crystal pendants and embellishments.

Half-Glazed Hoops ($420)

Hoop earrings encrusted with crystal embellishments.

Noodle Hoops ($335)

Enamel open hoop earrings with golden end pieces in Coco White.

Boxy Earrings ($335)

Rectangular earrings with golden insert in Coco White.

by Emilie Renteria
Cover Photo by Fenty
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