The School Of Chill-Hop: Our Back To School Study Playlist

Well, the new semester has begun! You’ve bought all your supplies, and your assignments are beginning to build up, but there’s still something missing – a fire study playlist! Fear not, we’ve got you covered, and would like to formally invite you to enroll at ‘The School of Chill-Hop’ – where everyone can succeed with a little hard work, dedication, and musical assistance. Get ready to attack those math equations to the tune of L’indecis & Sadtoi’s funky “Overcome”, or better yet, get creative with your art coursework to the ambient sounds of Mondo Loops’ “Hazy Blue”. This school year lets neglect all those nagging distractions and focus on doing our best so that in the coming years we can become the optimum versions of ourselves – with outstanding grades and music taste to match. Your first class begins below, don’t be late!  

By Tahirah Thomas