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Tiffany Chung’s Dots And Details Are Tracking Displacement – And It’s Aesthetic As Hell

People are moving, relocating and they aren’t always armed with a set route. We catch glimpses of their journey on the news. Usually a scene of orange lifejackets and dark choppy water as they flee from their homeland. Tiffany Chung is a Vietnamese-American interdisciplinary artist tracking down these stories through maps.

The Beauty Of Art As Self-Care

Art often gets overlooked when self-care lists make their rounds on social media explore pages, with the center of attention on those lists being experiences and lavish products that require a monetary transaction.

Being Your Authentic Self Will Create Change – Spark Progress

We’ve partnered with Converse to examine what it means for us to be happy and to spark progress

White Feminism Misses the Mark: A Brief Primer on Intersectional Feminism

And while the current zeitgeist has a heightened urgency for women’s equality, it sometimes feels like the equality–presented as ideal–remains exclusive.

Four Female Painters to Fall in Love With

It is perhaps partly because of this that I have such an overwhelming sense of awe when I look at paintings by the likes of the women included in this list, crafting utterly gorgeous, poignant, and political portraits and dreamscapes on canvas.

The Early Aughts: From Hot To Not

“What goes around comes around”, and there couldn’t be a truer statement when it comes to the cyclical nature of fashion. As if all of a sudden, us 90’s babies are old enough to see the styles of our youth coming back around (some we’re more happy to see than others).

Wild Things, You Make My Heart Sing : Mapping our Sartorial Love-Affair with Animal Print

In my timeline I’ve considered the shifting historical significance of animal prints and furs and included icons of the sartorial staple- from ancient kings and queens to rockstars and supermodels.

Meet Krocaine: Miami’s Top Nail-Tech Kro Vargas Talks Nostalgia, Creativity & Authenticity

When it comes to nail embellishments, it’s safe to say that Miami’s Kro Vargas – known to the cyber world as Krocaine – has the Midas touch. So much so, that at this stage, in her already eminent career, she’s become world-renowned– traveling regularly to fulfill a demand for her characteristically colorful, Y2K-nostalgia-inspired and hand-crafted nail adornments.

Thick, Juicy And Joyful: ‘PATTERN’ Is The Hair Care Brand You’ve Been Wishing For!

Tracee Ellis Ross is serving back to the community in a major way. Some ten years after conception and two years after perfecting her formula, she has announced the release of her hair care brand PATTERN – a brand that is specifically for curly, coily, and tight textured hair.

*Spoiler Alert* Euphoria’s Kat Was Our Problematic Fave

All of the characters are complicated, captivating and somewhat problematic in their own ways but it is Kat that stands out the most. It is rare to see a fat character like Kat on TV, usually, they serve as comic relief or emotional support for their skinnier friends.