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Keeping up with the Hottest Trends This Upcoming Season

Keeping up with the Hottest Trends This Upcoming Season


The French house of Balmain stunned at Paris Fashion Week, showcasing their 2019 Spring/Summer collection loosely inspired by ancient Egyptian and Napoleonic-era relics. Models sported matching sweater/skirt sets featuring ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and embroidery. One dress also featured frayed hemlines, and pieces of white fabric resemblant to that of a mummy. The iconic Balmain shoulder pads also made an appearance on many neutral coloured dresses paired with interesting details. The iconic fashion house also wanted to incorporate aspects of digital communication, partnering with VR firm Oculus and Facebook 360 to provide online users a 360 view of the runway.

Issey Miyake


Issey Miyake’s 32 piece 2019 Spring/Summer collection paid homage to simpler, abstract art styles. Pieces featured a light, pastel colour scheme with designs created by hand from Issey Miyake’s design team. “Hands have been weaving, sewing and giving new shape to cloth. Yet, what if we could play with the shape more freely as if kneading dough or molding clay?” Models also wore accessories and bottoms shaped from ‘Dough Dough’, a new material whose shape could be modified instantly with a turn or a twist.

Elie Saab

Elie Saab’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection echoed the voices of spring with his floral inspired pieces. Much of his evening wear pieces consisted of floral print or embroidery channelling a delicate feminine vibe. Accessories as well had bold matching floral prints to compliment the gowns. The dresses themselves were clean cut, featuring very feminine lines and complemented with a cinched belt.

Comme Des Garcons

 The Japanese fashion label defied fashion norms and standards in their 2019 Spring/Summer collection, exploring abstract artwork and individuality. A common theme in the pieces was, ‘limitations’, letting go of any self-criticism and expectations that hold you back.  “I felt this approach was no longer new, and I looked for what is new, what is new. But I could not find it” said designer Rei Kawakubo. Some dresses were frayed, piecing together different fabric elements


The powerhouse brand channelled sophisticated, leisure wear with their 2019 Spring/Summer collection. The 47 piece collection utilized a simple, summery colour palette of neutral whites, beige, terracotta, olive, black and brown and bolder choices such as raspberry and tangerine. Jackets were clean cut with crisp collars, paper bag jumpsuits were paired with bright orange accessories and dresses featured flowy ¾ sleeves.

Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant’s 2019 Spring ready to wear collection echoed recycled fashion trends from the late 70’s to the early ‘80s. Asymmetrical one shoulder dresses, playful jumpsuits, and loose-fitting embroidered rompers paired with printed thigh high boots and patchwork denim jackets combine two different style elements from Marant and showcase a unique perspective of the designer.

“The end of the Studio 54 era mixed with the beginning of hip-hop. For me, it was a stress-free, joyful time, with all these mixes of people: artists, actresses and kids from the suburbs. It’s a period I’ve always loved” says Marant of her collection

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