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Feminine Silhouettes and Awe-Inspiring Aesthetics at Mara Hoffman’s Show

Feminine Silhouettes and Awe-Inspiring Aesthetics at Mara Hoffman’s Show

Designer Mara Hoffman’s concept came to fruition this season as she created a beautiful collection of garments for her spring presentation. The show was dedicated “to letting go, letting our grief and broken parts be loved…and then buried back into the earth…to grow again as something new” as Hoffman described. Each piece inspires a sense of grace and joy that the designer wished to fulfill.


The collection is comprised of feminine silhouettes in neutral shades of beige, white and black, complimented by botanical prints and splashes of fresh hues like red, orange and green— staying true to Hoffman’s devotion to colour.


Hoffman’s vision of rebirth was reflected in the showcase not only through colours and structure but with the organic materials that make up each piece, showing the designer’s continued commitment to creating sustainable fashion for the masses.


The collection draws a feeling of peace through the muted neutrals, brings a sense of joy through the pops of colour, and provides a look of sophistication with sweeping, long dresses combined with tailored jackets and blouses. Hoffman conceived a refreshing assortment of clothing with something for every woman, day to night.

by Lindsay Selliah
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