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BOLD LOOK // How to Look Like a Supersonic Hypnotic Funky Fresh Mint Fairy

BOLD LOOK // How to Look Like a Supersonic Hypnotic Funky Fresh Mint Fairy

The wait is over – our latest makeup tutorial is finally here! Directed and shot by NBGA’s very own Sarah Feingold, smash that play button to view a refreshing take on makeup cinematography!

It’s 2018. We want diversity.

NBGA hears you and agrees. Makeup is supposed to be a fun source of self-expression, not yet another source of exclusion and ignorance. Because of this, our tutorials aim to show the same looks on a diverse group of women with different facial features and skin tones. After all, how else are you supposed to know if that eyeshadow is worth a cop if it’s only noticeable on certain complexions? At the end of the day, most tutorials only show looks that are achievable for a small fraction of people out there. Hopefully, our videos will break that pattern and inspire you to recreate this look on your own – or at least make you feel a little more included.

This is the second video in our five-part series, titled ‘I have 5 moods’. And in case you missed our first video, you can watch it right here. Our tutorials set out to inspire women to have fun while experimenting with the art of makeup. The colour and theme of each tutorial depend on our current mood, and right now, we are feeling particularly mean green.

Let us know what you think in the comment section of our Youtube channel and subscribe to make sure you don’t miss out on our third video that is yet to be released.

Let us know if you recreate the look by tagging your masterpiece with #NBGAgreen. And most importantly: spread the word to all of your friends to share the NBGA makeup love!

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