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I have 5 moods | glossy

I have 5 moods | glossy

Can we all agree that mood rings were one of the most magical accessories a thirteen-year-old girl could own? A sort of rite of passage to all future fashion faux pas, if you will. As devotees to all things early 2000s, we still have our mood rings and they have definitely been feeling pink. According to a mood ring chart (thanks Google!) this means we’ve been feeling happy, warm and loving to kick off this beauty project. We are stoked to be sharing these vibes via the following makeup tutorial – inspired by all things sweet and dedicated to the girly-girl in all of us.

The pink and gloss combo, GLOSSY, is the first video of a five-part series: I Have 5 Moods.

Curated and directed by NBGA founder, Sarah Feingold, the art project puts a twist on traditional makeup tutorials by interlacing music, cinematography and of course, mood to create a visual ode to femininity.

The GLOSSY look was recreated on friends and models of all different skin tones and ethnicities. We are so excited to showcase the series on a wide range of women because we know the feeling of watching a tutorial and not being able to imagine ourselves in the products. Diversity has always been important for us, as a team of diverse women, NBGA seeks to represent in art, beauty and fashion.

Sure hair might get stuck to our lips and faces occasionally but it looks SO. DAMN. GOOD. And totally worth it. Brands like Glossier, Fenty, and M.A.C., have been swirling up different gloss products leaving us with tons of options to choose from. For this look we stuck to the cult classics: NARS Highlighter and MAC Face Gloss as well as good old Carmex, but let us know if you recreate the look with some of your faves and tag your masterpiece with #NBGAglossy!
The color and theme of each tutorial will depend on our current mood so stay tuned, we hope you enjoy the look! xx

Written by Carolina Ramos
Shot & Directed by Sarah Feingold
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