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NBGA Astro: Gemini Season

NBGA Astro: Gemini Season

With a sense of duality, self-sufficiency – and your favorite kind of conversationalists – it’s Gemini Season from May 20th to June 21st. This means this twin air-sign is ready as always to bring creativity, cleverness – and a sea of dreams to escape into. Geminis are mirrors. They reflect what they’re given. So this season, ask yourself, do you like what you see?

Geminis are all about optimal energy, and this means they’re great at adapting. Not because they want to please you, but because they want to enjoy each new experience, in the fashion it is meant to be best understood. If there’s one thing a Gemini needs – it’s clear communication. They love chatting and diving deep into conversations, just as much as they love short, sweet banter. As the wordsmiths of the zodiac, Gemini is reflected by Hermes, the Greek god of language and luck. If you’re a writer, you can jump into your stories with this lucky energy and expect your creativity to soar.

Adriana Lima (1998) polaroid by Albert Watson

Your conversational skills — and imagination for that matter — will blossom this season. So channel your Gemini ability to be comfortable (or at least, appear comfortable) anywhere. They pick up skills quickly because they love learning (note: not studying, but learning). They thrive on the thrill of new information that expands their perspective. Geminis seek not only to communicate but rather to understand. That’s why they often analyze situations from a plethora of angles. Perhaps this also contributes to how often they are (ironically) misunderstood. 

One interesting aspect of a Gemini is that, as mentioned earlier, they act like mirrors with anyone they’re with. Unless they’re absolutely comfortable letting their guards down, Geminis most often give you the energy you give them. And of all the reflections Geminis can adapt into, being boring is not one of them. If you bore a Gemini in fact, expect to never see them again. They often seem hot and cold because it’s difficult for them to decide what they really want, because of their changeability. They fear “settling” because they don’t want to discover a new perspective they may like better. Beware of the sharp tongue, in this respect. Expect some indecisiveness this season too, and combat this just like a Gemini would: by writing it all down. 

Keywords for Gemini: Twin. Charm. Flirt. Youth. Fairy. Dual. Light. Dark. Logic. Clever. Stories. Multitask. Giggle. Possibilities. 

In the romance department, the Gemini is underestimated for how loyal they can be. If they’re truly in it with you, they’re the perfect partner to understand the balance of space and closeness. They give you your time alone because they themselves value it so much. But when you’re together, expect laughter and friendliness in the same breath as charm and flirtiness. 

Gemini favors logic over emotion. They’re not known to be overly emotional, and for this, are extremely objective at most times. This may be why they’re not ones to hold a grudge. Need to rip a Bandaid off? Gemini Season is perfect for it. Known as the sign of twins, they can switch back and forth between opposite energies, depending on which suits the moment. Feel the freedom of this and don’t be intimidated by it. Give yourself room to be more than one thing, like a Gemini would.

Kanye West by Dewey Nicks for Harper’s Bazaar (2003)

Born into the ends of spring and well into summer, Geminis exudes youthful energy, full of bounce and liveliness. The time they are born is reflected in their confidence and personalities as social butterflies. They are indeed forever young, and honestly, can’t help their chattiness. In terms of fashion, know that they are the chameleons of style. Each year – perhaps even each month – sees a different version of their fashion sense. So shift with the fashion that you feel good in – and don’t be afraid to experiment.

This Gemini Season, say what you want to say, and expect the sentence to come out perfectly. Believe in your self-sufficiency and ability to become whatever you want and need to be. Be a chameleon this season, because ironically, it’ll only help you understand more of yourself. And don’t forget to lean into possibility; in dreams, romance, creativity, and in the next level. Because with Geminis, this forward movement may reside anywhere. Even just in your mind. 

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