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NBGA Astro: Taurus Season

NBGA Astro: Taurus Season

Good news: it’s Taurus season! It’s finally time to luxuriate and enjoy pure comfort, because we deserve it. 

Running from April 19th to May 20th, Taurus season is about maximum material and physical comfort. There’s more appreciation this season of fine clothing material, an expensive chocolate or five, and a really soft blanket. Taurus builds a haven for themselves, and they know exactly how to set up its parameters for a level of comfort everyone will enjoy. They have an eye for quality and as such, always take notice of the finer things in life in a way that isn’t materialistic, but rather, appreciative. 

Taurus Muse: Donatella Versace

To put it simply, it’s self-care season. It’s me-time season. It’s time to put on a facemask and enjoy your show while ordering your favorite dinner season. We all deserve Taurus season because Taurus is good at treating themselves the way they know they deserve, and we can all take note. 

Taurus is known for their friendliness, warmth, can-do attitude, and for being best dressed. However, because Taurus is very down for their coziness, this doesn’t mean they’ll jeopardize or share it with just anybody. When you’re in with Taurus, they’ll warm you up with gentle affection and comforting protectiveness. When you’re not in with Taurus, you’ll realize that those bullhorns aren’t just metaphorical. Taurus can be just as cold as they are hot, and if you’ve experienced the latter, you don’t want to feel the former.

Keywords for Taurus: Luxury. Warmth. Soft. Quality. Trust. Ambition. Physical. Body. Stability. Touch. Money.

An earth sign born when spring is in full bloom and summer is just around the corner, there’s a reason Taurus has such an appreciation and knack for beauty and warmth – they’re born into it! They’re also ruled by Venus, the planet that governs love and beauty, which explains their drive for these facets of life. So treat yourself as a Taurus would with soothing aromatherapy, a comfortable space of your own, and exquisite dining made by hand or by that really fancy restaurant downtown. 

Taurus is also super ambitious, trustworthy, and hardworking, so they know how to get the job done and keep your secrets. This season, dive headfirst into your passion projects and buy that outfit you’ve been eyeing where the budget allows. However, learning to consider others’ viewpoints can be difficult for Taurus, which means that as much as they are hardworking, they can also become lazy just as quickly when they don’t feel inspired or personally connected to what they’re doing. Learning to manage their time and efforts can be a lesson Taurus needs to learn, so beware of that stumbling block as you channel this energy – and the resulting looks – during this time. Taurus can also bring a stubborn aura, and often won’t budge on certain things. They’re quite carefree, until they’re really not. Make sure you recognize this push and pull and find your balance in the sweet spot. 

It’s no surprise that Taurus is solid in the love department, because they’re built for partnership. They love having a romantic prospect, loving to pay attention to the details and are always looking to satisfy you, and themselves. 

Because of their drive, Taurus is good at bringing their vision to life, and then making that space exactly what they need it to be. So this season, put in 110% like a Taurus would, and once you’ve channeled your energy towards completing a task as lovingly as they would, make sure you reserve a good portion of that love for yourself as well.

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