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Pisces Season

Pisces Season

Being the twelfth sign of the zodiac, Pisces season marks enlightenment. At the end of our journey of growth within the zodiac, Pisces stands as the final astrological sign, their intuition reminding us how important it is to trust the journey, and ourselves. Welcome to Pisces season.

Symbolised by two circling fish, Pisces is a water sign who often represents duality. They can be as compassionate as they can be unintentionally careless, and as wise as they are fearful. Often characterised by their emotional capacity, Pisces at their best is the smart heart who always knows deep down what really is true. This season, trust your intuition and tune into what it’s saying to you. Pisces season can bring your dreams into reality, but be careful that you don’t escape into the dream realm completely.

Running from February 19th to March 20th, Pisces is an artistic sign who loves to exit reality through creativity. Be your own muse and create with the Pisces spirit. From music to painting to writing, Pisces finds herself in art. This season, you will too.

Keywords for Pisces: Artistic. Loving. Romance. Soft. Dual. Intuition. Emotional. Honest. Companion. Bloom. Dreams. 

Possibly one of the most romantic signs in the zodiac, Pisces loves love. They adore romantic gestures and cozy evenings with their significant other. They are very sensitive and even often are the proud self-proclaimed crybabies of the zodiac. Pisces knows how to make their loved one feel cherished because of their own emotional intuition. If you’re looking for grand romance, Pisces knows how to do it right.

Pisces season ends on the first day of spring, symbolizing their ability to bring ideas, love, and artistic endeavors into bloom. This season, you’ll slowly but surely shake off the ice of winter and feel yourself and your projects begin budding and blossoming. Much like the atmosphere of their season, Pisces is a sign of positive change and growth. Just beware Pisces’ knack for doubting themselves when they really shouldn’t.

Rihanna attending Met Gala After party (2014)

In Pisces season you’ll see how much you’ve grown, and how you will continue to do so. You’ll feel your most romantic and artistic self emerge, and you may even have some very interesting dreams. Pisces season completes itself with the re-flowering of our planet. Feel this positive change and new world emerge, and know that the arrival of new life, love, and beauty is what you’ve been building towards all along.

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