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Our Favourite Tracks Of The Week: JACKBOYS, MIST, Tinashe & More

Our Favourite Tracks Of The Week: JACKBOYS, MIST, Tinashe & More

This week Travis Scott introduces us to his “Gang” of  JACKBOYS, KOTA The Friend reminds us that we “Can’t Please Everybody”, D Smoke is sippin’ on that “Honey Jack” and Tinashe is preparing us for some “Stormy Weather”. Don’t miss out on our top tracks below!

KOTA The Friend – Can’t Please Everybody

On this emphatic track, KOTA proves that he’s truly the kind of friend we all need on a bad day, as he spits a soulful verse about not being able to please everybody. Over a simple, melodic and affecting piano arrangement, the New Yorker re-assures us that everybody has bad days, so the best way to live life is “by your own rules” – regardless of what anyone has to say.

Favourite Lyric: “What I look like following fools that don’t move? How you tell somebody not to go and live they own truth?”

Cosima – Who Do You Love?!

Cosima urges us to “find someone who loves [us] right” on her most-recent release “Who Do You Love!?”. To the tune of swelling strings and a heart-wrenching guiding guitar melody, the south-London songstress’ rich vocal rings out as she laments about no longer being able to see past the object of her affections’ inescapable shortcomings.

Favourite Lyric: “If I could let you go, I’d start over, but I can’t and I won’t…”

Snoh Aalegra – Whoa

Snoh Aalegra provides the perfect anthem for falling in love this cuffing season with her infectious track “Whoa”. With it’s 80’s inspired atmospheric soul sound, the catchy-track proves a playground for Aalegra’s warm vocal, as she sonically encapsulates the feeling of falling head over heels for someone unexpectedly.

Favourite Lyric: “You make me feel and believe that we in paradise…”

D Smoke – Honey Jack

Since stunning us all with his undeniable talent on Netflix’s Rhythm + Flow, rapper D Smoke has released his acclaimed EP “Inglewood High” and is now surprising us all once again with the glorious cinematic visuals for standout track “Honey Jack”. To the tune of a smooth free-jazz inspired hip-hop instrumentation, D Smoke adopts his characteristic lyrical wordplay to deliver a complex soliloquy hinged on a plethora of clever thematic references to liquor.

Favourite Lyric: “Effortlessly my mind travels to times past, finding revelation at bottom of wine glasses…”

Layton Greene – I Choose

Layton Greene is putting herself first on her newest release “I Choose”. The songstresses angelic voice is by far the standout element of the sultry R&B she brings to the table on this track. As her buttery vocals outline a story of unrequited love, which sees Greene choosing to forgive herself for wasting her own time trying to save the object of her affections from himself. A true lesson in accountability and practicing self-care…we love to see it!

Favourite Lyric: “Real one in my reflection…”

Tinashe – Stormy Weather

Tinashe is back with a new-found freedom on her newest track “Stormy Weather”. Embracing her independence as an artist after parting ways with her old label, finally we feel like we’re getting a true taste of the multi-faceted artists’ creative proficiencies with this enthralling experimental house offering.

Favourite Lyric: “There is no where, there is no why, there is just time…”

Brent Faiyaz – Rehab (Winter In Paris)

Brent Faiyaz elucidates the precarious nature of falling in love with an addict on this experimental R&B offering, as he laments over seeking comfort in other women to make up for the fact that the girl he truly wants is unattainable whilst in her current mind-state. It’s gripping in it’s honesty, as Faiyaz likens trying to stay away from the object of his affections to being in rehabilitation.

Favourite Lyric: “You as real as they come, but you would rather be on them drugs.”

JACKBOYS – GANG GANG feat. Sheck Wes, Don Toliver, Luxury Tax 50 & Cactus Jack

Travis Scott is taking matters into his own hands when it comes to paving the way for fresh new talent to emerge in 2020. On “GANG GANG” he introduces us to his  Jackboys – with dynamic guest verses courtesy of Sheck Wes and Luxury Tax 50, and complete with an infectious melodic hook provided by protege Don Toliver.

Favourite Lyric: “I’m with the gang, gang, gang, gang, BOYS hoppin’ out of coupes…”

J Hus – No Denying

J Hus is back affirming his position at the top of the UK Rap scene as one of the G.O.A.T’s on his newest release “No Denying”. Over a TSB-produced drill beat accented seamlessly with a glorious saxophone sample, Hus’ charismatic braggadocio is given a chance to glisten as he likens himself to a titan.

Favourite Lyric: “Don’t tell me where your mind is, I already know, I’m a psychic, any time it’s a crisis, we’re the strongest and the wisest.”

MIST – Savage

Birmingham’s MIST did not come to play on his newest release “Savage”, as he delivers three fire verses back-to-back which brilliantly showcase his idiomatic lyrical wordplay. On this stellar track, the dexterous rapper lets anyone who doesn’t know already that he’s a gangster in the morning as well as in the evening, and that he get’s it crackin’…it’s safe to say that we’ve all been warned.

Favourite Lyric: “Birmingham assassin, yeah, I burn him with a passion…”

by, Tahirah Thomas

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