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The Top Fashion Podcasts to Add to Your List

The Top Fashion Podcasts to Add to Your List

2019 is here and it’s already flying by! But regardless how fast the time seems to pass, our cold morning commutes can seem to freeze time altogether. Thankfully, 2018 was the year for podcasts that helped turn public transport into the perfect opportunity for easy listening.

Despite the podcast rage, fashion brands have been a little slow to hop on the bandwagon. Luckily, we’ve got your back with a round up of our favourite fashion listenings to add to your list.


This podcast includes focuses on fashion and style. It covers latest trends and a chit chat format which is easy to listen to. Covering the biggest fashion moments of last year, addressing tokenism in modelling and what it’s really like to work in fashion.

The BOF Podcast

Join Imran Amed, founder and CEO of the Business of fashion as he brings in industry guests to talk about current fashion news and issues. From feminism in India, to Stella McCartney discussing the future of sustainable fashion and iconic runway reviews from Tim Blanks.

The Gurls Talk Podcast

Hosted by Adwoa Aboah – a source of ‘Fiece female chat’. It’s still new and currently on 10 episodes but promises to bring great content and be a place for girl power and real talk. Covering topics like social media addiction, eating disorders and what it’s like to live in the spotlight.

Fashion Unzipped – The Telegraph

Running since 2017, Fashion unzipped covers high street to haute couture fashion. Discussing trends, movements and advice on getting a job in the industry. A wide array of fashion content!

Fashion Revolution Podcast

Fashion Revolution is a not-for-profit global movement with teams in over 100 countries around the world. The revolution focuses greatly on the desire for more transparency in supply chains. Their podcast only ran for one season of “Who Made My Clothes: The Garment Worker Diaries” which includes 4 episodes, but is definitely still worth a listen!

GUCCI Podcast

We may not be able to afford a Gucci wardrobe but 30 minutes of your time will buy you an episode of insights from within the fashion house! The Gucci podcast features people who are collaborating with Alessandro Michele looking into the work behind the scenes at Gucci.

Unstyled – Refinery 29

A weekly podcast covering life experiences, work and love, all through the clothes we wear through them. Hosted by Refinery 29s Global Editor-In-Chief & Co-Founder Christene Barberich.

Fashion no filter

Fashion journalists Camille Charriere and Monica Ainley give you a unique, behind the scenes look at how the fashion industry operates.

by Emily Dempsey
cover photo: Dolce & Gabbana ss 16
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