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Vegan Skincare | Cosmetics, Glosses and Soaps That are Kind to Mother Nature

Vegan Skincare | Cosmetics, Glosses and Soaps That are Kind to Mother Nature

Going vegan can make you feel happier and healthier, along with knowing you aren’t harming any furry or feathered friends. Some know this is a great feeling, but did you realize you could expand veganism into other areas of your life you might not have known about?

You’re probably aware of animal testing and like finding products with that nice bunny on it that lets you know it’s cruelty-free, but what about fully vegan products? These beauty products do not include animal by-products (like beeswax), and because brands with vegan products are more conscious about keeping non-vegan products out, they also often include better ingredients all around, according to Beauty Bakerie. And even though vegan living can sometimes feel like a challenge, these awesome products are total no-brainers. Let us change your mind with this crop of top-rated vegan beauty products that will leave you looking and feeling fresh as a daisy! PS: Maybe some of your favorite finds are probably vegan and you didn’t even know it!

Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 Pure-Castile Soaps – $3.19

Number one on the list is a personal favorite of mine. This soap has been keeping it real for decades, and is the Swiss army knife of your medicine cabinet. Use it as body wash, dish wash, clothing detergent, face wash, honestly anything you can think of to clean. While it does a great job cleaning, it is gentle and doesn’t dry out your skin! Plus the bottle will last you like, forever.

Tarte shape tape contour concealer – $ 30

Whoever thought vegan beauty was just hippy-dippy stuff is wrong! Tarte sells tons of vegan-friendly makeup, including their cult favorite Shape Tape. The ultra creamy formula blends like a dream and won’t flake on you. Dot on blemishes or undereyes to conceal, or use it down the bridge of your nose and chin to brighten up your face!

Wet n Wild Photo Focus Natural Finish Setting Spray – $ 4.99

This setting spray is only $5, but you wouldn’t guess it by how well it locks your makeup in! The mist is fine and luxurious, and don’t spit at you like some other inexpensive sprays do. It’s small enough to throw in your bag for touch-ups, and cheap enough to keep one at home too!

Thrive Cosmetics Triple Threat Color Stick – $ 36

This indie brand is super cool, because they support women battling cancer. I love using a multi purpose color stick like this one in the shade “Dionne” to create a really natural and pretty look. Dab some on your lips, cheeks, and even your eyes to make a chic monochromatic moment, or just focus on one spot! I love taking color onto the bridge of my nose, because it makes me look like I just spent too much time in the sun minus the skin damage! This product is even more versatile with the help of the attached blending brush that will spread the color like a dream. (Also, the company actively supports women battling cancer, so you know your money is going to a great cause!)

Nudestix Sheer Eye Color – $ 24

NudeStix is a super cool mother-daughter brand that keeps things simple and elegant. This eye pencil comes in a gorgeous array of shades, from the blackest black to the brightest nude, and works as a base, color, and liner all in one! And it won’t budge for at least 9 hours, so even though each products comes with an adorable tin with a mirror for touch-ups, you might not need it! Pro tip: I love to use my NudeStix tins as their own little lip kit stocked with my favorite lip balm, color, and blotting tissues. The mirror is super helpful but way cooler looking than one of those compacts your grandma would carry!

Cranberry Stiletto Matte Lip Whip – $20.00

Last but not least is indie brand Beauty Bakerie’s best-selling matte lip whip in Cranberry Stiletto(as worn by Queen Bey herself!) It’s as comfortable and stylish as you would love your favorite red lip to be, and it stays put once it’s on, even through your vegan oat milk latte!

by Madeleine Megargee
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