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10 Inspirational and Fashion-Forward Stunners to Follow on Instagram

10 Inspirational and Fashion-Forward Stunners to Follow on Instagram

Now I don’t know what you use your social media apps for, but I for one use it to immerse myself in a digital universe of inspiring women. And there are so many ways one can go about this immersion! For example, I’m always on the lookout for a breath of fresh Instagram-feed air, and what’s fresher than fashion-forward young women who know their way around a front-facing camera?


So many girls have taken to social media to create a platform for personal expression through a meticulously curated feed. Scrolling through these accounts is like visiting a handful of mini-galleries in your very own phone. And although I love an endless amount of follow-worthy IG account options, sometimes there’s just too much Internet and not enough time. So let NBGA do you a solid and help you navigate your way through the world of aesthetically pleasing and unique feeds! Check out our list of 10 amazing Instagram accounts below and get inspired!

Alexis Nelly, a.k.a “The Italian Minimalist” is an Italian artist with Cameroonian origins. Her feed consists of carefully selected self-portraits, interior design details and outfit inspiration, always communicated through a tasteful and minimalistic aesthetic.

This half Dutch, half Venezuelan goddess based in Barcelona posts lovely pictures of herself, often in the nude. As one of artist Carlota Guerrero’s main muses, you best believe Alejandra’s feed is dreamy af.

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Danish Chili Dia is a drop-dead gorgeous globetrotter who fills her feed with pictures of her beautiful self and sartorial outfits.


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When it comes to having a carefully curated feed, Tsunania knows how it’s done. She alternates beautiful selfies with amazing pictures of nature and art. It’s definitely worth a follow.

These sisters from northern Sweden have thankfully taken to Instagram to share their Afro-Sami eminence. Elizabeth and Victoria Lejonhjärta post pics of their twinning selves and love for Star Wars and Nordic nature.

I personally always need at least one person with pink hair to grace my feed at all times, and Margaret Zhang most certainly knows how it’s done. This international it-girl uses IG to share snippets of her super trendy lifestyle, and I am very here for every bit of it.

Nepal-born, NYC-based Arpana Rayamajhi is an artist and jeweller who’s unique and confident style is such an empowering add to your feed. Her outfit pics and beautiful self-portraits are definitely worth a follow!


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This South-African blogger is my latest IG obsession. Lulama “Wolf” Mlambo’s feed consists of fashion-forward outfits and travel goal inspiration, all shared through a warm and dream-like filter.

The Swedish illustrator and model Cajsa Wessberg definitely knows her way around a good ol’ selfie. She occasionally dyes her hair blue or pink which, need I say it? It’s reason enough to smash that follow button.

10. Sarah Feingold





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Last but most certainly not least is NBGA’s own Sarah Feingold. Sarah’s feed is colour coordinated and curated to a tee, so if you’re not following her already – you’d best get to it.

Oh, and while we’re at it, follow NBGA on Instagram here.

by Michelle Hallstrom
Pictures via Instagram
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