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5 ways you can tap into your divine feminine energy

5 ways you can tap into your divine feminine energy

To quote Wilde, we are large, we contain multitudes. Yin and Yang. Good and Evil. We are multidimensional, complex beings. We also possess feminine and masculine energies, in each of us. But back up a minute. What are these energies I speak of? And how can we tap into, harness, and grow through and them?

To define these energies, we must look behind the stereotypes of gender roles, for stepping into these energies requires us to go beyond those binaries. To embody masculine energy is strength, gentleness, and honesty. To embody the counterpart, is to be intuitive, nurturing, and sensual. Notably, Annathea defines Divine Feminine Energy as the following:

“The Divine Feminine is sacred, sensual and often beyond the realm of day to day living. It’s something that can’t be seen but rather experienced and felt. It’s a healing force beyond the physical world. The Divine Feminine is also the positive expression of the feminine side of us that exists in both men and women. The divine feminine principle is within us all.”

Essentially, as humans we are comprised of dualities and multitudes. We have the power to tap into both feminine and masculine energies. And both can be exceptionally powerful, if we let them.

I don’t express my emotions at the best of times (blame my Capricorn moon), so for me it took me a while to realise something was amiss. Especially as a certified #NotLikeOtherGirls teenager, I had felt expressing and being in touch with my femininity was to be avoided at all costs. Constriction from the patriarchy, adolescence, and a myriad of other factors came into play when I realised I had been running on auto-pilot, on survival mode. And I think when you are conditioned to think femininity is associated with shame, you can adopt that same mindset.

Afghan girls practice Taekwondo moves during a martial arts class in Herat in January 2013.

However, when we neglect once side, we can become imbalanced, disorientated – and generally, well, unhinged. A lot of it has to do with conditioning, childhood, and survival mechanisms, that determine the parts these energies play in our lives. For me, I had to tap into the masculine energy from a young age in order to survive. Protect, lead, retaliate. Even the negative aspects, such as anger, aggression, and ego, became entangled within that. And I think for many badass, strong, take- no-shit women, we can carry this conditioning into our adult life and relationships. Like anything, those roles we play to survive can stick with us, so much so, we can think they are intrinsically us. It was only when I took a step back, that I realised I had failed to nurture my inner feminine.

For, this can result in the following: “[People] who suppress their Divine Feminine energies are crippled in their ability to become whole, to truly live a life in abundance and to build their empire together with their Divine Feminine partner. They are chasing external factors, such as money, fame, cars, houses, watches, luxury, and so on. He has not learned (yet) to do the inner work, to get into his heart space and feel the unconditional love that he is and receives.”

But this isn’t how life has to be. When one energy consumes us, we have to restore, nurture, and be in tune with the other. We have to rebalance the scales. In actuality, it is vital in order to be connected to our sense of self, and develop core self-esteem, confidence, and love.  So how do we tap into our divine feminine energy as women? And how can we embrace our femininity as authentically, and intrinsically us? NBGA have you covered.

1: Feel your emotions

In today’s world, it seems we are conditioned to be in anything but the present moment. Netflix, Instagram, Tinder – we confuse distraction for true healing and ascension. Thus, the first step in tapping into your divine feminine energy, is to feel your emotions. I know it sounds simple. But for many, myself included, it wasn’t. I wanted something to distract me from my life, not make me face it’s intensity. Much less feel it. It was only when I allowed myself to feel my feelings, not eviscerate them, that I reconnected to my sacred femininity. When you are happy, reveal in its simplicity. When you are sad, or grief stricken, don’t numb yourself. Allow these emotions to come, and vitally, allow them to leave. Use these emotions as energies, and allow yourself to be in the present, moment exactly as you are.

2: Reconnect to childhood hobbies

Creativity is key to tapping into and embracing your divine feminine energy. And what better way, than to reconnect with your childhood self. Cast your mind back to what you engaged in at that time. Whether it be reading, painting, singing – allow yourself to engage in these creative processes. It doesn’t matter whether you’re “good” at them or not. Your hobbies do not have to be profitable, to be worthwhile. The simple act of creating, allows you to meditate, reflect on, and nurture your inner child. And vitally, be present in your mind, body, and spirit.

3: Honour your intuition

Since time immemorial, women have been deemed irrational or crazy for having a bad feeling. But vibes and energy never lie. In fact, according to many studies and hypothesis, a plethora of people believe your gut is like your second brain. Therefore, your intuition is delivering you the most logical solution to any one situation or scenario. It ain’t called woman’s intuition for nothing. So instead of dismissing or doubting yourself, whenever you get an inkling of something – take notice! And more than that, follow it, trust it, and learn from it. You never know where or who it will take you to (or away from).

4: Create rituals
Path of Figs, by Giulia Bianchi 2012

Despite being ritualistic not working out for Drake, forging, developing, and upholding them are another great way to tap into and harness your divine feminine energy. And what more perfect time than Virgo season, to step into self-love based routines and rituals. From going to bed early, making time for that yoga or workout session, to journaling or reading – allow yourself the time, energy, and intention to be in touch with your body, for it is sacred. Any and every activity that connects you to your authentic self is worth investing in. You won’t regret it.

5: Connect to nature
 Nigel Durrant : Washing Horses,  Carlisle Bay – Barbados  (2009)

Connecting to nature is another great way to step into your divine femininity. Connecting to mother earth, away from the hustle and bustle of civilisation and simply just being, are vital to nourishing and healing your body, mind and spirit. And an integral part of your femininity, is allowing yourself the time to rest and rejuvenate. As much as the world demands from us, it’s important to take a breather now and then, and come out even stronger.

Act as if you are already a sacred, divine, feminine, being and watch how quickly things fall into place, manifest, and come your way. Because the truth is you are, and always were divinely feminine. You are nothing less than a goddess. You are the main character, baby. Hire, fire, and act accordingly.

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