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Agnes Lloyd-Platt’s photographs are a portal into a perspective of total beauty

Agnes Lloyd-Platt’s photographs are a portal into a perspective of total beauty

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London-based photographer Agnes Lloyd-Platt once told W Magazine: “The whole reason that I’m a photographer, really, is to push optimism on people,” and after viewing her brightly lit, colorful, and enchanting portfolio, this fact is enjoyably clear.

Lloyd-Platt’s main photography focus is fashion, and the photos she captures of her subjects seem to both effortlessly distinguish the models just as well as they do the wardrobe. Her other work veers into focusing on still-life; a captivating study of the colors, geometry, and symmetry of subjects including flowers, fruits, and the natural and various positions of life. This other side of her work plays into why her fashion photography is compelling. Her positioning of the models is both well timed and curated while still feeling inherently genuine.

On top of commercial campaigns, Agnes Lloyd-Platt has covered fashion, beauty, and portrait assignments for British Vogue, Rolling Stone, and Time Magazine amongst other notable outlets.

Viewing Lloyd-Platt’s work makes you feel good. It isn’t afraid of investing in the beauty of a fashion campaign, and refreshingly steers away from the intimidating and the shocking. But make no mistake; it’s not easy work. It is instead a celebration of each of her subjects. There is a clear sense of purpose in her crisp and inviting collection of art, and as accurately put on her own website: “she imbues each image with life in her search for positivity, shape and expression.”

In her world, fashion is inclusive and inviting; because that’s exactly what it should be.

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