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Black-owned art galleries that you can support

Black-owned art galleries that you can support

As the world starts to open back up again amidst two pandemics, COVID19 and racism, it’s important to put your money where your mouth is. If you love contemporary art and also want to support black-owned businesses — this is for you. Black art has been an outlet of self-expression as well as a direct reflection of their blackness and their social and political experience throughout the Civil Rights movement all the way to now — the New Civil Rights movement. Supporting black gallerists, artists, and dealers keeps alive a legacy and influence that we all need. Here’s a list of U.S. Black-owned galleries across the country. Hopefully, you’ll find yourself inspired and moved by your visits. 

Noah Davis (American, 1983-2015)
  1. Nous Tous Community Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
  2. Band of Vices, Los Angeles, CA
  3. Jenkins Johnson Gallery, Brooklyn, NY & San Francisco, CA
  4. Thelma Harris Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
  5. Mariane Ibrahim Gallery, Chicago, IL
  6. Hearne Fine Art, Little Rock, AK
  7. N’Namdi Contemporary, Miami, FL
  8. Arnika Dawkins, Atlanta, GA
  9. Sabree’s Gallery of the Arts, Savannah, GA
  10. September Gray Fine Art, Atlanta, GA 
  11. ZuCot Gallery, Atlanta, GA
  12. E&S Gallery, Louisville, KY
  13. Stella Jones Gallery, New Orleans, LA
  14. Terrance Osborne Gallery, New Orleans, LA
  15. Gallery Chuma, Charleston, SC
  16. Neema Gallery, Charleston, SC
  17. Galerie Myrtis, Baltimore, MD
  18. Essie Green Galleries, New York, NY
  19. Gallery Kendra Jayne Patrick, New York, NY
  20. Long Gallery, New York, NY
  21. Mackey Twins Art Gallery, Mount Vernon, NY
  22. Medium Tings, Brooklyn, NY
  23. Richard Beavers Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
  24. Skoto Gallery, New York, NY
  25. The Compound Gallery, The Bronx, NY
  26. Rush Arts Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA
Noah Davis Untitled, 2015

Each gallery has been opened for a number of years and has been supported by their own local communities. If you find yourself at any one of these galleries, take a moment to reflect and receive the message of the art that is featured.

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