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Iconic 90’s R&B Music Videos You Can’t Forget

Iconic 90’s R&B Music Videos You Can’t Forget

Easily one of the greatest moments in music and fashion history, 90’s R&B had a vibe we still chase after today. We threw together some of our favorite R&B videos from the 90s for your inspiration.

Lady – D’Angelo

Sensual and smooth just like the song, D’Angelo’s “Lady” music video gives us a narrative of love and lust. This video IS the 90s. It gives us party scenes, brightly colored backgrounds, and the coolest of oversized clothing. Just when you think D’Angelo will be swept away by some girls at the party, we’re reassured with the sweet shots of him and his lady. We’re swooning.

I’m So Into You – SWV

If you’re not familiar with SWV a.k.a., Sisters With Voices, be sure to queue them up right now. These girls can sing, and their aesthetic is everything we want when we channel the 90s. In “I’m So Into You” we see the three on stage, each with the perfect pair of hoop earrings. They’re in fencing gear in between the performance scenes as if to say they’re so into you, they will fight for your love. Music videos of today could never.

Doo Wop (That Thing) – Lauryn Hill

In Lauryn Hill’s “Doo Wop (That Thing)” video we’re given a nod to the past. Juxtaposing 1967 New York City with 1998, we’re presented with images of love and dating from then and now. That is to say, no matter when you were born, there will always be people after one thing. That thing. The 60’s fashion makes the video all the better and Lauryn rocking a beehive makes me question why we haven’t brought it back.

No Diggity – Blackstreet

You can’t have a list of 90’s songs without this iconic bop. The video is just as playful as the song. We see marionette versions of Blackstreet performing throughout, all the while there are just enough shots of matching outfits (hello, overalls!) and dancers encircled by sweet rides. What more could you want?

Sade – No Ordinary Love

Just when people thought Sade could not be anymore beautiful, she graced us as an elegant mermaid in her video for “No Ordinary Love”. The relaxed yet powerful ballad matches perfectly with the under the sea imagery. Later we see her in a bridal gown: Crop top with an avant garde tubular skirt. Sade’s innovations and artistry continue to inspire.

Destiny’s Child ft. Wyclef Jean – No, No, No

Watching this video feels like taking a time machine back to 1998. The matching outfits and synchronized dance routine alone scream the last millenium, not to mention Queen B before her ascent to solo artist magnificence. There are enough wardrobe changes within the video, you’ll have fashion inspo for the whole week.

Lil’ Kim ft. Lil Cease – Crush on You

The “Crush on You” video is everything your monochromatic Instagram theme wishes it were. Lil’ Kim rocks a rainbow of wigs and clothes, each in an outfit fit for the gram. Meanwhile Lil Cease rocks a pinstripe suit breaking up the plethora of color. With just a dance floor and some dancers, the simple concept is anything but.

Mariah Carey, Jay Z – Heartbreaker

Mariah Carey and Jay Z’s “Heartbreaker” video is a blast from the past, and yet, it could be mistaken for a video of today. Of course, Mariah looks the same. On top of that, crochet tops and low riding jeans are making a comeback. Maybe music videos did have an impact on us as kids, just like mom said…

TLC – Waterfalls

TLC’s “Waterfalls” a constant favorite, is also one of the most memorable music videos ever made. In it we see the divine trio walking on water, just where they belong. Preaching an evergreen piece of wisdom, nothing so good ever comes easy. T-Boz, Left Eye and Chilli are gorgeous as ever in their wrap skirts and black crop tops and nearly a quarter of a century later, their impact still stands.

by Candice Chantalou
cover photo: Lauryn Hill, 1998. Photo by Anthony Barboza/Getty Images.
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