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Spirituality-centered cyber storefronts for your start in self-healing

Spirituality-centered cyber storefronts for your start in self-healing

It doesn’t take a long look around to see that we’re truly going through it. The current socio-political climate is showing us, if nothing else, that it’s not all love and light in the world of racial politics. The Black population, who have been going through it for the last 500+ years, are still going through it. Pain can be looked at as a necessary catalyst for growth and transformation, but after the transformation, what happens then? 

It’s not about forgetting what you’ve been through or about repressing in order to move on. We need to nurture ourselves by equipping ourselves the best we can. During this time of heightened emotion, growing attune to your spiritual self and the needs of the body is so important. Whether it’s mirror affirmations, a relaxing bath in rosehip and lavender oils, or crystal-healing and reiki, being in tune with our energetic bodies will naturally allow for more protection of the mental, physical and emotional collective wellbeing. Especially now, as we live through a precarious and politically charged era.

One simple and easy step in supporting the fight (at least economically, from the comfort of your own) is purchasing from black-owned businesses. We’ve listed out a few of the many great brands out there that service spiritual healing. Inspired by a thread created by @kemiade, this is a guide to help you feel taken care of at all times while also giving back! Let us know @nbga.mag if you try out any of these products, and make sure to share your personal recs! 

Your one-stop-shop for all things crystals. Whether it’s your standard crystals for meditation or adorned bracelets and necklaces, Dark Crystal Moon has it all. Created and designed by 22-year-old Rique, he promises elegant jewellery handmade with love.

Another Dose is an all natural beauty and skincare brand. The brand is created around the concept of ‘medicated’ products – their ethos being ‘beauty is our drug’ and their selection of skin oils, toners and moisturizers being addictive as hell!  They also have a hemp line, plugged as the ultimate formula for rejuvenated, renewed and revitalized skin.

Where sensual and spirit meet, Sensual Siren is taking self-care to the next level. She’s a gifted medium, a dedicated spiritual advisor and a creator, who uses traditional recipes and remedies that have been passed down by her ancestors. All products are 100% natural, containing only herbs, roots, olive oil and essential oils.

Not only does The Hood Botanica have an extensive offering of herbs, soaps, altar cleansing tools and herbal infused oils, they also offer up digital courses and e-books on spell-casting, making your own infused oils for manifestation and building your very own spiritual store. They are a dedicated platform that holds discussions and live streams on topics such as spirituality through an Afro-centric perspective as well as providing spiritual tools for melanated people.

The home of Brooklyn herbalism, Sacred Vibes Apothecary is situated in the heart of Brooklyn. Founded by Herbalist Karen Rose, Sacred Vibes is a shop, an educational centre and a place of healing and community. They stock an array of herbal extracts, tonics and remedies, as well as offering yoni (vaginal) steam baths, herbal teas and organic spices.

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