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The Ultimate List of Emerging Female Rappers | 16 Artists You Will Love

The Ultimate List of Emerging Female Rappers | 16 Artists You Will Love

We love rap and female representation, so it was about time we made a list of some amazing female rappers! Whether you’re into a more laid back rnb sound, mumble rap or Swedish barz, NBGA has you covered! 


There are a lot of female rappers out there, but unfortunately, they don’t get as much attention as their male counterparts and that needs to change! Below we have listed some emerging rappers that are honest, fierce and unapologetic. They have all it takes to make good rap music. Furthermore, they are experimenting and talking about subjects of female representation, sexuality and women empowerment. What’s not to love? Keep scrolling and hopefully you’ll find something to add to your favorite playlists! 

#1 Nathy Peluso

Argentinian rapper Nathy Peluso is a free spirit who has been uploading covers to youtube since she was 14. Her music has evolved over the years adding a bit more soul but still staying true to her experimental and youthful spirit. Her attitude and style is something we’re very here for at NBGA.

#2 070 Shake

070 Shake is a 21-year-old rapper from New Jersey that is part of a collective called 070. You might recognise her characteristic voice from one of Kanye’s latest tracks, but trust me, 070 Shake has some pretty major songs on her own that need to be added to your repertoire asap.


Something we love about female rappers is how badass they are. Manchester native IAMDDB is only 21 years old, and she already has sold-out shows all over the world! IAMDDB describes her sound as “urban jazz.”

#4 Yaeji

Yaeji is a visual artist and rapper based in NYC. Her music blends house music and hip-hop with mellow, quiet vocals. She alternates between rapping in English and Korean. Sought after on the big city underground scenes, rest assured her name will be popping up on various events these upcoming fashion weeks.

#5 Kodie Shane

Kodie Shane is probably your next favorite rapper. She’s only 19, but she has been realising music since she was 15! Here in NGBA, we love young talent, and we can’t begin to imagine all the things Kodie Shane has in store for us.

#6 Noname

Noname’s Tiny Desk Concert is one of the most beautiful things we’ve heard in all our lives. Her music is all about old school rap and hip hop with a vibe that reminds you of the 90’s. The best thing about No Name is the authenticity in her lyrics and her chill persona. You will probably never see her in an outfit that makes her feel uncomfortable or releasing a song that does not sound like her.

#7 Sianna

Ugh we just love a good flow in French. Sianna is a 22-year-old rapper from France that you simply need to keep on your radar. She often refers to her style as “ultra speed flow” and we’re obsessed.

#8 Mavi Pheonix

This super talented rapper started producing her music when she was 11 in GarageBand on an old MacBook.  Her songs are unique: they feature deep bass and autotune-filtered vocals combined with piano moments. We promise you haven’t heard anything like Mavi Pheonix before.

#9 Young MA

Young MA is an American rapper and entrepreneur based in Brooklyn. She first earned notoriety with her triple-platinum 2016 hit single “Ooouuu.” She has been nominated for BET and MTV artist of the year and Female Hip-Hop artist of the year awards and has opened for Beyonce at MetLife Stadium. In the fall of 2018, she will release her debut album, “Herstory in the Making.”

#10 BIA

BIA is an American rapper from Boston, singer, and model who debuted on the Oxygen reality television show “Sisterhood of Hip Hop.” We love BIA’s unapologetic style and her unfiltered lyrics. She had a near-death experience when she was very young, and it shows in her lyrics, BIA is not afraid to speak her mind and we love her for that.

#11 Tierra Whack

Everyone is talking about Tierra Whack, and it’s easy to know why: her music is like nothing you’ve ever heard before. Her style is playful, creative and unapologetic. She is not afraid to speak her mind and she does it in a very signature way.  “Whack World” will be your new favorite album, we promise.

#12 Ace Tee

Here at NGBA, we love 90’s, and Ace Tee is profoundly influenced by it. This young, German rapper has a fresh style in both fashion and style that we absolutely love. Although not much of her music is available on streaming sites (you should peek at her SoundCloud), there’s enough out there for us know that this German rapper has a promising career ahead of her. We can’t wait to hear what’s next!

#13 Sampha the Great

We just can’t choose a favorite song when it comes to Sampha the great. Her main inspiration is Africa, how music is a language of the soul and black girl magic. What’s not to love?

#14 Cherrie

Sweden might be famous for its radio-friendly pop hits, but did you know the Nordic country also harbours some pretty amazing hip hip music too? Well, now you know. The amazing Cherrie might not exactly be a rapper, but every once in a while she lays down bars, like in 163 För Evigt, and we’re not mad at her for it.

#16 Kamaiyah

Kamaiyah’s inspiration comes from artists we love such as TLC, Missy Elliot, and Aaliyah.  Her song “How Does It Feel” was ranked one the best songs of 2015 by NPR and Pitchwork. Her mixtape “A Goodnight in the Ghetto” shows her originality as an artist as well as also allowing us to know her and what’s on her mind a little bitter. She talks about relationships, sex, and joy. We love how vulnerable she is an artist while also showing how strong she is as a woman and a performer.

#15 Kash Doll

Although you might know her for her song with Drake, there’s a lot more about Kash Doll to discover than her famous friends. This rapper is all about her originality and being an independent creator. After she released her mixtape, “Brat Mail,” (we love the name BTW), she stated that the decision to part ways with her previous record label was due to the fact that they didn’t let her make her original music. She’s currently working on her first studio album.

by Maria Alejandra Barrios
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