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I hope you enjoyed part I of #daughtersonthemove for Nike.

The second part of the video is about female athletes who inspire me with their own and individual sports story. Just as I have my running story. In this video I would like to give some space to the women around me doing sports, expressing creativity and power by moving and never standing still. Watching them motivates me, gives me staying power and constant inspiration for my own life – in sports and in my job. Seeing them all together in the video reminds me of the social power of sports. I think it is great to meet like minded people who share a common passion and burn for it. It reminds me that we are not alone in the world,  this is the feeling I would like to share. It is very personal for me, as I have spoken to many female athletes and I like the fact to unite them all in this video: women of all colors, shapes and sizes, connected to a greater power. I am excited to share this power with you and give you the motivation for movement, for running.

I’m hosting ‘Just Do It’  Saturdays on:

April 23

May 21

June 11

We are meeting up at 12pm the Cafe Rose Garden, in the Alte Schönhauser Street 61, 10119 Berlin for  a  5km run in Berlin Mitte. After the run I’m inviting you for brunch at  Rose Garden to chat and exchange thoughts. More Details will be up on my Channels in the beginning of next week!

I can’t wait to meet you!

Watch the second part of the video now!

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