The Global Girls Playlist

Music has always been a universal language – with this in mind, we at NBGA have scoured the globe for the quintessential offerings in contemporary artists who are challenging the Anglophone boundaries of the popular music sphere

The Blazer: Your Office Casual Just Got Fashionable

Now, since becoming a boardroom essential the blazer has undergone a few changes in the last few years – especially in the Instagram era, to become synonymous with the must-have item every season!

Models Have Rights, Too! – Marcus Hyde, Sexual Misconduct, And The Model Alliance

Marcus Hyde is the latest addition to the long list of men exposed for gross sexual misconduct in the fashion and entertainment industries. Diet Prada broke the story earlier this week, after coming across the detailed account of an interaction with Hyde, from Los Angeles-based model, Sunnaya Nash.

90s Nostalgia: Backstage At Thierry Mugler Fall/Winter 1995

This show was nicknamed the “Woodstock of Fashion” back in 1995, as there had not been a single fashion event like it before. Fake snow and confetti fell from the ceiling, James Brown serenaded the crowd, and legendary models we all know and love today graced the runway. What more could you ask for?

Are You A Woman Of Color Who Needs Money For College Or Grad School?

We know all of us, if not most of us have been enjoying our hot girl summer but we also need to take care of business too. We are sure many of you have dreams but might not have the funds to be able to fulfil those dreams. Well look no further as we curated a list of scholarships for you to apply to, from the arts to science.

The Lion King: The Gift Compilation Album Curated & Produced By Beyoncé Is Truly A Gift

When have we known Beyoncé to do the bare minimum? We haven’t. She couldn’t just play the role of Nala and just leave it at that– so she decided to also bless us with a compilation album for the film curated by herself.

DJ SHEGOTSOUL Talks Music, Spirituality & The Human Experience As A Form Of Artistic Expression at LOVEBOX 2019

NBGA got the chance to sit down with Gal-Dem’s resident DJ for ethereal chats at Lovebox Festival, just as she was winding down from setting-up the celebratory atmosphere in the Smirnoff tent; with a set full of funky old-skool goodness. It gets emotional, as we talk about loss, love and how music serves as the ultimate expression of the human experience!

Backstage Pass With Buddy At LOVEBOX 2019: The Compton Rapper Talks Weed, Wells Fargo & Dragon Ball Z

We got the low-down on Buddy back-stage after his incredible set, which he closed off with the crowd-favorite “Black”. When we find him, he’s perched on a sofa in his dressing-room – shirt-off, feet up and wearing a pair of shocking pink Gucci shades.

Blood Orange Mixtape ANGEL’S PULSE Is An Ode To His Past

Only announcing the mixtape five days before it’s release, Hynes surprised fans with features from Solange, Tinashe, Toro y Moi, and BROCKHAMPTON’s Joba. Since Hynes’ early indie-rock days in the band “Test Icicles”, he has been creating music that serves as more than just an album, but a soundscape that surrounds the listener.

Crisis At The Border: What We Can’t Look Past

The crisis at the Mexican-American border is a human rights crisis at a level of critical urgency