Securing the bag: Telfar introduces the “Bag Security Program”

Considering the history of luxury/high-end fashion, this approach is a radical one

Let the nostalgia set in: Moesha, Girlfriends and more black sitcoms come to Netflix this fall

Netflix recently acquired the rights to a slew of legendary Black sitcoms including Moesha, Girlfriends and Sister, Sister

Raf Simons is Prada’s new Co-Creative Director

Simons will be joining Miuccia as the house’s co-creative director

Pat McGrath’s next step to Sublime Perfection is concealer

You’ll end up with sensuously smooth skin, natural contours, and elasticity

Huda Beauty’s new skincare line is cruelty and photoshop-free

“The goal for WISHFUL isn’t to flood your bathroom with hundreds of new products…”

Barbie's 60th Anniversary Edition by Mowalola
Barbie just became less problematic, more representative

Barbie manufacturers announced another launch of a diverse update

Glossier just became London’s newest resident

After sending London-based consumers into a frenzy with their pop-up in London’s beauty capital

Good news, Studio Ghibli will soon be gracing your Netflix screen

Miyazaki is often hailed as one of the greatest animators of our time for his attention and appreciation of art

Fenty’s Cameo Jewelry Is An Ode To The Beauty Of All Black Women

Rihanna’s most recent addition to her empire is The Cameo jewellery launch. Deeply rooted in African history via carved tokens of monarchs, cameo jewellery in itself is an ode to Black people.

Take Your Pick: A Breakdown Of The 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates

Here are your candidates and their stances on topics like, climate change, healthcare, race relations, immigration and more. No round about speech, no political banter, just simple viewpoints.