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AD// 6 Tips for the Ultimate Summer Road Trip

AD// 6 Tips for the Ultimate Summer Road Trip

Now that summer is approaching, what better way to celebrate warmer temperatures than by hitting the road with windows down and music pumping through your speakers? I mean, breathe if you agree. So for those of you hitting the road this summer, you best believe NBGA has hooked you up with a handful of tips for the perfect road trip experience. Where to go, what music to listen to, and most importantly: what car to drive. We have you covered.

#1 What Car to Drive

The future has arrived and it comes in the form of an A-Class Mercedes-Benz. This car is everything you could ask for and so much more. It might look like a sporty set of wheels, but the utility value of this vehicle is mind-blowing. And if you’re going to be hitting the road – why not do it in the most youthful and avant-garde car out there?

This A-Class Benz is the NBGA dream car because it literally embodies life goals. For example, a unique feature is its ability to learn thanks to artificial intelligence. That’s right. Your car can now create an individualised connection to its driver and passengers. Oh, and the car has a high- resolution widescreen cockpit with touchscreen operation that uses intelligent voice control to recognise your voice. Pop into your car and operate your cockpit touchscreen by simply using the keyword “Hey Mercedes”. I do believe I just swooned.

#2 The right Playlist

If the road trip doesn’t have good music, I’m out. Blasting great tunes while watching the beautiful scenery fly past you is what a road trip is all about. So what you’re going to need are high-quality car speakers and an amazing playlist. Mercedes-Benz can hook you up with the speakers, while we’ve got you covered with the ultimate road trip playlist. Thank us later.

#3  Car Snacks

I cannot emphasise this enough. Car snacks are good for multiple reasons: nutrition gives you energy and helps you stay alert & sane while being focused on the road. And snacking is also a great pastime. Feeling indulgent? Stock up on your favourite sweets and treats. Want to opt for a healthier route? Fill your car with fruits, nuts, smoothies, berries and energy bars!

Why not take a break and go for a roadside picknick? I vote yes!

#4 Take that detour!

Cruising down highways is great, but you know what’s even greater? Spontaneous detours on roads less travelled! You never know what you might see or end up doing. Summers are all about creating memories, and you’re guaranteed to create more memories on small, winding roads than on Autobahn. Feeling a little too out of your comfort zone? Don’t forget that your A-Class Benz is able to drive semi-autonomously in certain situations and its camera and radar systems allow it to see up to 500 metres ahead.

#5 Comfort

Long excursions can be tiring so you’ve got to be mindful of your physical comfort. Take breaks, go on little walks, do some yoga, stretch, take turns being in the driver’s seat. Oh, did I mention that the front seats of the A-Class Mercedes-Benz have comfort features such as seat climate control and massage function? Massage. In your car seat. An actual dream.

#6 Where to Go?

Now that you have everything you might need there is just one last question that needs answering: where to go? Below are some of our favourite European destinations for a dreamy road trip!


Route One, Iceland
The Route One road circumnavigates the island and offers you the most spectacular views. Iceland’s volcanoes, lava fields, cliffs, waterfalls, hot springs and ash deserts are best viewed in the summer so book those tickets to Reykjavik now!


Eastern Europe
Why not travel to a more unexpected destination and explore Europe’s east? The DN7C road throughout the Carpathian mountains is ranked as one of the world’s best drives. Come home telling your friends and family about your voyage to Romania, Slovakia and Hungary and you’re guaranteed to be the coolest person at every get-together.


Cinque Terre, Italy
Travel to Cinque Terre and you’ll find yourself stepping straight into an Instagram dream. Cinque Terre literally means “five lands” and consists of five little villages on the Italian Riviera. The villages and the surrounding hillsides are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and we totally understand why. You’ve got to go here at some point in your life so why not check this place off your bucket list during your road trip?

Those were our best road trip tips for the summer! The market launch for the new A-Class Mercedes-Benz car commences this spring. Bon Voyage!

by Michelle Hallström
Pictures via Mercedes
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