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8 documentaries to cozy up with under quarantine

8 documentaries to cozy up with under quarantine

These are crazy times. With borders closed, entire countries on lockdown, every single one of us should be doing their part to #FlattenTheCurve and protect the more vulnerable members of our communities, be it total self-quarantine or social distancing. But, and I can’t believe I’m saying this: staying home is kinda hard. It’s also relaxing. And boring. And fun. It’s complicated. My feelings about it are complicated. As an empath, and someone who lives with both a mother who’s a registered nurse working the frontlines and an elderly grandmother with pre-existing conditions, I’m heavy with worry for my family and the rest of the world. Yet in the same day, I’m also elated that I don’t have to go to (in-person classes) or that I can be fully present in a work meeting while sitting in my underwear. Like I said, these are crazy, complicated times. Being self-aware, during my most restless moments, often debating what to watch, I can’t help but feel a little guilt, and a lot of privilege, as I’d consider myself among the luckiest when I think about how this pandemic has effected my life.

Nobel-Peace Prize Winner and scholar Kourtney Kardashian said it best, “People are dying, Kim.” But in all seriousness, things are very scary. And we’re all going through it, in one way or another. Words as simple as “sad”, “happy”, “angry” just don’t seem to cut it right now. Again, complicated. What has been cutting it? Movies. By no means are they a solution, but what they can be is a window into a funnier, scarier, or more captivating time. They’re the escapism we need right now. Some of the best kinds of movies? Documentaries. Luckily, there is no shortage of documentaries to choose from, so no matter your interest or mood, there’s one for you. But if you’re open to recommendations (and you should be), here are some of my favourites:

By: Vanessa Fajemisin

Cover Photo: Petra Collins
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